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At present there are 21 teachers on the staff of Corpus Christi GNS. There are two classes at each year group and a Special Educational Needs t. In addition there are three special needs assistants , a caretaker and a secretary. 


Principal:    Ms. Galvin


Deputy principal:  Ms. Downes


Junior Infants teachers: Ms. Colfer , Mrs. McDonnell


Senior Infants teachers: Ms. Gurry, Ms. Mahon 


First Class teachers: Ms. Sansom , Ms. Reynolds


Second Class teachers: Ms. Patton , Ms. Breen


Third Class teachers: Ms. Kelleher ,  Ms. Twomey


Fourth class teachers: Ms. Missaoui , Ms. Ennis


Fifth class teachers: Mrs. Bourke , Ms. O Connor


Sixth class teachers: Mr. Coady , Mrs. Harkin



SEN Team: Mrs. Walley ,  Mrs. Cahill , Ms. McNulty and  Bean Mhic Ghiolla Phádraig


Special Needs Assistants: K. Delaney , L. Murray and G. Ormond


Secretary:  Carmel Seery

Caretaker: Tony Smithers