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Our school has a “Book Buddy” system.  This is a paired reading system where the girls in the older classes pair with those in the younger classes for some one-on-one reading time and activities.  Classes team up at the beginning of the year and the older girls then visit the younger ones for a “book buddy” session. The older girls read with and to the younger ones and discuss the books that they are reading together. Sometimes the younger girls will read their own work to the older ones.


The system works very well on several levels. It helps to build a sense of community and of socialization in the school. The girls get to know each other well and consequently look out for each other.  Our younger girls look up to their ‘Book buddy’ while the older girls develop the skills of reading a story aloud to others and of being a good mentor.  They develop confidence in their own ability as mentors and enjoy helping their younger schoolmates.  The younger ones also enjoy the social aspect of the system and have the opportunity to further develop their reading skills.

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