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Croke Park Final

The 26th November 2012 was a very special day for our school. The senior football team had made 
it through to the Cumann na mBunscol final of Corn Chomhar Linn and on that day we played against
St. Patrick’s GNS, Hollywell.  The girls had trained every Tuesday since the beginning of September
and matches took place most Wednesdays. 
All the pupils from 1st-6th class, the staff and many of the parents came along to support the players.
With the financial assistance of the parents’ association we hired buses and set off for Croke Park. 

All the classes had spent time designing flags and headbands, painting school crests and making
banners in advance of the game. On the day itself the girls used face paints to paint each other in the
school colours.

The girls on the football team travelled in their own mini bus with Ms. Galvin, Colm Crowley and 
Mrs. Benson. They were allocated an area under the stands in which to leave their kits and everyone
prepared and waited for the match to begin. In the meantime the supporters made their way to the stand. 

It was very exciting for the team to make their way through the tunnel and out on to the pitch and we
immediately heard the roars of our supporters. They were a very colourful and noisy bunch! 

As we made our way onto the pitch we could hear the supporters singing:

” We are yellow, we are green,
  We are Corpus Christi team.”

It was very encouraging to hear all our supporters. There were three matches going on at the same 
time across the width of the pitch. We played a great match against St. Patrick’s and we had a great day. 
Photos Croke Park Final 26th November 2012
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