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Eggs to chicks in Room 13 


For the last three weeks the girls in room 13 have had an incubator in their room. They had 6 eggs waiting to hatch and have been looking forward to seeing beautiful baby chicks. The girls kept illustrated diaries of events during those weeks including how they cared for the eggs, looked after the incubator and checked the eggs with their ovoscope. All was looking well and towards the end of the three-week period the chicks could be heard chirping.


On Monday morning when the girls arrived into class some of the chicks had hatched and some of the other eggs were showing signs of hatching. As the day progressed more of the chicks made their entrance to the world with the last one of the day arriving during homework club. By Tuesday all 6 chicks had hatched. There were 4 yellow chicks, 1 brown one and one black one.


When the chicks hatched they were wet and looked rumpled and they needed a few hours to dry off. By the following day they were ready to move out of the incubator and they were quite happy under a heated lamp in their new home (a glamorous cardboard box). The girls took turns in cleaning out the box and in making sure that they had enough to eat and drink. The sound of chirping has provided a happy backdrop to the other activities in the room for a few days.


The class had lots of visitors to the room and even the mammies, grannies and child minders came to see them. Ms. Desmond and the girls have done a brilliant job in looking after them. Sadly, they have to move on to their new home now but the girls have taken plenty of photos and will have very happy memories their time with the chicks. Have a look at the photos for the ultimate in CUTE.