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Engineering Week  February 9th-15th 2014




Engineer’s week took place this year between the 9th and 15th February. The purpose of Engineer’s Week is to provide a chance for the pupils to learn more about engineering and to engage with practical engineering projects. As part of this years work, the sixth class girls designed and built their own bridges. These had to be more than 30cm in length and had to be able to stand alone. In drawing up their design there were a number of other criteria that the girls needed to observe.

Each bridge had to be designed in such a way that:

It could hold a weight of 500g.

A car could travel along it (gradient not too steep etc.)

The girls also had to produce two designs that included diagrams, labels and explanations, describe their bridge, say where they got their inspiration, record their work over 5 days and decorate and present their work. The girls used a wide variety of materials for their projects including bamboo, cotton swabs, timber, lollipop sticks, cardboard string, nails etc. We definitely have some budding engineers in the school and the future is in good hands.!! Have a look at the pictures below to see how their bridges worked out.