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Halloween 2013

In anticipation of Halloween, our school had a dress up day on Friday the 25th October. We were very lucky to have a fine day, as the weather forecast was terrible!! The unexpectedly fine weather meant that we could all go to play in the schoolyard and have a look at each other’s costumes. There was a huge variety of costumes and we had lots of princesses, pumpkins, witches, and all sorts of home made costumes. 

Some of the sixth class girls made a special effort to make their own recycled costumes using old cardboard boxes, plastic and lots of imagination.  Lots of the parents helped out too and we had reports of an early start for some families as they prepared for the day. All our teachers joined in the fun and dressed up as superheroes and looked amazing. WE had a great day and a lovely start to the mid term break.  Have a look at some of our pictures and you might be inspired for next Halloween!