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Proclamation Day 2016


As part of the centenary commemoration of the 1916 Rising, the 15th March 2016 was designated “ Proclamation Day” for Irish schools. Earlier in the year each school was presented with the National Flag by the Defence Forces. As part of the Corpus Christi commemoration, the girls in Corpus Christi took part in a nationwide initiative to draw up their own proclamations, their vision for a future Ireland.

In our school, each class (all 16 of them) contributed to the final document. The result is a picture of what they would like to see ,the type of society in which they would like to live and without a doubt, towards which the type of society which they will work as they grow up . We are very proud of the girls’ vision and commend them for their hard work. A copy of their proclamation is included below.

To further develop their sense of history, we decided to dress in period costume for our special day. Wardrobes were raided, sewing machines were put into action and we had a very imaginative array of costumes on the day. Have a look at the photographs of the day’s events.